Adult Strength and Conditioning

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What is LivvFit?

The LivvFit strength and conditioning program at TNT is a safe, fun, challenging, and healthy fitness experience for adults of all ages, skill levels, and personal goals.

Each group session is filled with motivating guidance from our experienced trainers. LivvFit offers a dynamic 6 day/week program that emphasizes all aspects of strength, conditioning, and mobility.

The ultimate goal of this program is to not only achieve personal success in each individual’s level of health and fitness but to also build outstanding relationships with like-minded members.
Whether you are completely new to fitness, have years worth of experience, a former team sports athlete, someone who has goals of completing obstacle course races or cross-training competitions, or simply looking for a new challenging environment to train…the TNT LivvFit program is an exciting opportunity for all to take a strong step forward in health and fitness.

Meet Our LivvFit Members

Dawn Ruiz – Age 52

Selma Becirovic – Age 26

Winston Diaz – Age 43

Marne Rossetti – Age 22

Afia Mathlib- Age 31

Pete Ruiz – Age 51

EJ Oliviero- Age 21

Weekly Schedule

MONDAY – 5:30AM, 6PM, 7PM (Upper Body Strength)
TUESDAY – 6PM, 7PM (Lower Body Strength)
WEDNESDAY – 5:30AM, 6PM, 7PM (Conditioning)
THURSDAY – 6PM, 7PM (Dynamic Upper Body)
FRIDAY – 5:30AM, 5:30PM (Dynamic Lower Body)
SATURDAY – 12PM (Conditioning)