Youth Training

Youth and Advanced Youth Training

TNT Youth TrainingYouth training is a integral part to the early development stages of every athlete.

The TNT Youth Training Program commits to teaching the proper running mechanics (knee drive, arm action, and ankle flexion) in conjunction with age appropriate strength and core exercises. This program is essential to youth athletes of any and all skill levels.

Here is a sample workout regimen:

  • Warmup- 5 min
  • Injury Prevention – 5-10 min
  • Upper Body Strength Development (Age Appropriate)- 20 min
  • Lower Body Strength Deveopment (Age Appropriate) -20 min
  • Core and Hip work- 5-10 min
  • Mobility/Cool Down- 5-10 min

youth training championAdvanced Youth Training

Once our coaches have determined that the appropriate developments have been made within each youth athlete individually, they will graduate into our Advanced Youth Training Program. This program will focuses on strength development along with more advanced speed/agility/plyometric training. These advanced youth athletes will begin learning the foundation strength lifts including the bench press, squat and deadlift.