Training Packages

Private Sessions

TNT clients can experience one-on-one personal or private group training at any time through flexible scheduling with any of our experienced TNT trainers. One-on-one clients are initially provided with a free (30 – minute) evaluation followed by a free injury prevention screening with one of our onsite DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy). One-on-one and private group clients will receive nutrition advice, a training program that is personally designed for specific goals, and individualized coaching from a TNT trainer. These packages can be scheduled at the TNT front desk or directly with a trainer.


Group Sessions

Group session packages at TNT include the LivvFit, High School/College, and Youth programs. These packages are scheduled in advance and can range in group size during each session. Members can purchase monthly or weekly packages by placing a credit card on file at the TNT front desk to be billed each month.

TNT asks that members schedule themselves directly into each group session either through the TNT mobile app,, or at the TNT front desk

The opportunity to schedule into all TNT group sessions becomes available every Sunday for each upcoming week. This will provide the best possible training experience in each group session allowing the appropriate trainer to client ratio.

Please see the Scheduling Options page for all TNT session booking information.